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"14 Free" = Free of 14 Common Food Allergens

Allergens Graphic.png

Our products are made free of these 14 allergens.

We separated the allergens into two groups. 
The 8 primary allergens are a more commonly known group that accounts for ~90% of all food allergies in the United States. We developed recipes that also excluded 6 secondary allergens, so we grouped the two under the umbrella statement - “14 free”. 

Without these 14 ingredients, nearly anyone in the US with a common food allergy can enjoy our products!

To maintain the texture and taste of a regular cookie, we choose yummy substitutes.

We mean it when we say it: 

Anyone can eat it. Everyone will love it!

For more information about food allergies, visit this page.

To see the ingredients we use, view our Ingredients glossary.