Our Journey

From high school startup to national recognition, read how Allergenius was founded by 3 bright students.


Co-Founders Anya, Josh & Maddie meet in a

high school INCubatorEDU class in Wheaton, IL.

Allergenius was born in a classroom at Wheaton North High School as a project for INCubatorEDU- a year-long curriculum that tasks students with creating a startup. Anya & Maddie, who have severe food allergies, were inspired to solve the problem of limited baked treat options for people afflicted with food allergies. They teamed up with Josh, a creatively gifted cookie-lover, and together brought their ideas to life.

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Allergenius wins local & national level INCubatorEDU pitch competitions & $17,500 in award grants.

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As part of the INCubatorEDU program, startup teams have the chance to pitch their ideas at a local pitch competition with other high schools in their community. Allergenius won 1st place & $2,500 at their local pitch and was then automatically pooled into the national semi-final group. 5 judges picked Allergenius to compete at the National Pitch Summit at the Convene Center in Chicago in July 2019- the team won 1st place & $15,000.



Josh & Anya -> University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Maddie -> Wheaton College

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After their high school successes, the team brought Allergenius to college. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic made scaling the business challenging, so the team spent the year rebranding, honing the business model, & planning their next moves!


Allergenius joins iVenture Startup Accelerator at the University of Illinois

Head Food Scientist Tatiana Montanez joins.

First Kitchen & Official Launch

At the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Josh & Anya stepped into the entrepreneurship community & joined the iVenture Startup Accelerator program from which they received $20,000 in funding and an opportunity to pursue their venture full-time over the '21 summer. They also teamed up with Tatiana Montanez & Renee Armitage, two talented bakers & Food Scientists at the university. Allergenius is currently operating full-time for the first time since its founding!

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