As a business, we take every measure to protect our most important stakeholder: Mother Earth. Sustainability, or "going green", is more than just corporate social responsibility- it's conscious capitalism. We realize that we can create value for every stakeholder, including the Earth, with our operation. Here's how.


The Allergenius operation begins with sourcing ingredients for our cookies. 

We want each cookie to be delicious, allergen-safe, non-GMO, ethically sourced & vegan. These standards make it critical for us to form reliable, transparent connections with suppliers in our ingredient supply chain so we can verify that each ingredient is indeed within these parameters and the practices of the supplier's company align with our own values.

It's not easy to see what happens between when the ingredient is grown & when it arrives at our facility, yet we take the utmost care in communicating with people and businesses along the supply chain to ensure only the highest quality products.

You may be wondering: Is the process of sourcing and shipping ingredients to the Allergenius facility carbon neutral?

The answer is no- but we've taken this into account!


Carbon Neutrality & Shipping


We are aiming to carbon offset our entire operation, meaning that for 100% of the CO₂ that is emitted through our ingredient supply chain all the way to when your cookies arrive on your doorstep is less than the CO₂ we subtract from the atmosphere. So, we invest in initiatives aimed at reducing the CO₂ levels in the atmosphere to ensure our CO₂ emissions < our CO₂ sinkage. Currently, we do this in two ways.

First, at your order checkout, you have the option of paying $1extra to plant a tree. Allergenius has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to issue monthly donations where each dollar donated results in one tree being planted.

Second, we plan to calculate and offset 100% of the emissions created from our operation from our supply chain and shipping each month. More details on this process coming soon.


An issue equally as urgent as the carbon emissions crisis is the waste & plastic pollution crisis. Millions of tons of non-biodegradable plastic waste end up in landfills, waterways, and oceans every year. This is why Allergenius has adopted sustainable packaging options.

If you order our cookies for shipping, they will arrive in a fully recyclable box made from recycled materials, filled with recyclable shredded paper void-fill. When you open this box, you will find your cookies sealed in a biodegradable eco-plastic cover. Although this cover may look and feel like regular plastic, it is made from plant-based PLA plastic that is certified compostable, meets the ASTM 6400 & EN 13432 standards for industrial biodegradability, and is FDA & USPS approved for shipping food. The interior PLA plastic prevents grease contact with the shipping box, thus ensuring the box can be recycled after use.

Our goal is zero plastic packagings. While PLA plastic is a much better alternative to regular plastics, it can still remain in the environment for years after use (depending on composting conditions). PLA plant-based plastic is an improvement from the basically immortal plastic that is littered across Earth, yet we are constantly seeking alternatives that are more sustainable. Unfortunately, these sustainable miracle products do not yet exist. Don't worry, we won't stop searching!

If you receive cookies via pickup, delivery, catering, or at a pop-up, the paper-like material lining the boxes & holding the individual cookies is made from fully compostable, grease-resistant paper (which we receive in 100% post-consumer recycled dispenser cartons). Remember, boxes that have grease stains are non-recyclable, so be sure to leave any interior packaging around the cookies until you've eaten them all. If you end up throwing away cookies, tell us why here. We want to minimize food waste:


Everyday, any unsold leftover cookies are taken to a local food bank, homeless shelter, or community pantry. There's no sense in throwing away perfectly good cookies, right?

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